Ebook, Print Book, and Audiobook Creation, Distribution, and Promotion

We have been providing authors and small presses with ebook publishing services since 2010. We offer ebook publishing (creation, formatting, distribution), print on demand services, audiobook creation, editing/proofreading, book marketing/book promotion, and even online courses designed to help authors make their books best-sellers.

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Ebook Publishing Service

We work with authors and small presses to format and convert books into ebooks, and distribute them to all the major ebook retailers and library distribution outlets.

Ebook Publishing Service Details

Print Book Distribution and Book Printing Services

printed books still account for about half of book sales, and serve many purposes that ebooks cannot such as giveaways, promotional copies, and back-of-room sales at events.

Print Book Services Details

Audiobook Production and Distribution

Imagine your book enjoyed by listeners all over the world, distributed by over 40 of the world's leading audiobook retailers* including Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.  With the help of eBookIt.com, we can make this possible.

Audiobook Production and Distribution Details

Book Marketing and Promotion

EbookIt.com is using BookMarketing.pro for a complete book marketing and promotion solution. Visit BookMarketing.pro for a free, no-obligation consultation on how they can help you make your book a best-seller.

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FREE Resources for Authors

Websites for Authors

A Wonderfully Simple, Spectacular, (and Free) Website Hosting Solution for Authors. You can be up and running with your website ready for the public in as little as an hour - no credit card required. Begin by registering your account.

Publishing Course

About HOW TO EASILY AND PROFITABLY PUBLISH AND MARKET YOUR BOOK: In this course, I show you how to easily publish your book and do it in a way that will maximize your chances for making money rather than losing it.

Publishing Checklist

This is the 5-minute version of our online course, How To Easily and Profitably Publish and Market Your Book. Don't miss out on this valuable free resource that will save you countless hours and help make you some decent book royalties.

Other Services We Offer

You can see our full list of service on our interactive price list and get a price on your publishing project.

Read and Review

We will read your book word-for-word and provide you with insightful feedback that will help you improve your book. If we would rate your book 4 stars or more, we will write you an honest and review, and post the review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Copy Editing / Proofreading

This is light copy editing / heavy proofreading service will bring you one giant leap closer to publishing an error-free book.

Book Cover Design Service

This service includes the right-to-use license on the stock photography and images used to create the cover. We can create ebook, print book, and audiobook covers.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Client General Questions

We pay our clients via PayPal on the 15th day* of each month. We do offer the option to pay by check; however, minimums apply and there is a fee associated with the check.

With PayPal and there is no minimum. If we owe you 30 cents, we pay you 30 cents.

If for whatever reason you cannot/will not accept PayPal, we can pay you by paper check except a) we hold all payments until the payment exceeds $100 (USD) and b) there is a $5 paper check processing fee for each payment made. We can only send checks to US addresses.

If you are an international client and cannot accept PayPal or check, and you need the funds to be wired, a) we hold all payments until the payment exceeds $100 (USD) and b) there is a $50 wire processing fee for each payment made, and c) we can wire no more than 4 times per year.

If you are based in the US and would like the check or wire option, or outside the US and would like the wire option, please let us know and we'll put your payments on HOLD. Then, after $100 USD has accumulated, you must send an e-mail to publishing at eBookIt.com with your eBookIt.com e-mail address, the amount we owe you, and your physical address to mail the check (or routing and bank information if a wire). The fee will be deducted from the payment.

eBookIt acts as the aggregator for several retailers, which means, the retailers pay us, and we pay our clients. The retailers take up to 210 days to pay us for books sold, with the average being 90 days from the time the book is sold to the time we get paid. For example, if a ebook sells on Amazon in January, we (eBookIt.com) will get paid for that ebook in April. Retailers such as Google pay sooner, and retailers such as Baker&Taylor pay much later.

At eBookIt.com, we pay our clients monthly. As a service to our clients, we cut the average wait time for payment down to an average of 60 days after the ebook has been sold, whether we have been paid by the resellers or not. For example,

ebook sold Jan 1: You get paid March 15*
ebook sold Jan 31:  You get paid March 15*
ebook sold Feb 1: You get paid April 15*
ebook sold Feb 28: You get paid April 15*

* If the 15th falls on a weekend, it is the next business day.

We don't offer one service; we offer many services, so depending on the services you purchase the cost will vary. Use our interactive pricing tool to get an estimate of the total cost based on your selected services.

Yes! We have many "small presses" as clients.

Generally all kinds of books that you would expect to find on sites like Amazon.com. We are not a traditional publisher that picks and chooses which books we want to work with; we offer self-publishing services. This means that you don't have to "sell" us on your book (save the selling for readers).

Here are the restrictions on books we DON'T accept:

Please be aware that the following content is unacceptable and submitting or posting said content in your eBook file, cover image, or book description could result in termination of your account:

Pornography: Hard-core material that depicts graphic or explicit sexual acts.

Libelous Material: Material that intentionally harms or has the potential to harm an individual or a third party.

Copyright Infringing: Material to which you do not own the copyright or the right to distribute. Public domain content may be posted. Our retailers may, at any time, request validation that a given ebook qualifies as a public domain title.

Advertisements: Material contained within your eBook that primarily seeks to sell a product other than the eBook itself.

Web Material: Books exclusively created from repackaged, publicly available information not created by the author.

Poor Quality Books: We have an obligation to our distribution partners to submit only books that meet a certain level of quality. eBookIt.com reserves the right to reject any title based on this subjective quality criteria. 

We converted our first book in October of 2010, and opened our virtual doors to the public on January 1, 2011. Our parent company, Archieboy Holdings, LLC., has been in business since 2002.

No matter how many times you may proof your own writing, there will be errors that you miss. Let us help with that.

This is light copy editing / heavy proofreading and includes: grammatical sense; punctuation; consistency (e.g. hyphenation, spelling, capitalization, italicization, number treatment); spelling and syntax; consistent tone; point of view, and style; proper presentation of cited published works, public buildings, titles and ranks, time and date styles, numbers, and abbreviations and contractions; basic formatting cleanup and consistency; and chapters numbered and ordered chronologically.

This service is $14 per 1000 words. This is an optional service that can be ordered at any time. It's best if ordered prior to the conversion and distribution. Ask your project manager about adding this service or add it when beginning your project.

Some retailer websites allow for reader reviews, "professional" reviews, and author-provided reviews. The reader reviews are done by readers of your book and members of the retailer's website, and you/we have no control over these. The professional reviews are provided by organizations like Kirkus reviews, USA Today, NY Times, and other organizations that choose select books to review (see our MediaBlast package for a chance at getting one of these kind of reviews). These professional reviewers work directly with the retailers to provide reviews, so there, to, is nothing you/we can do.

As for author-provided reviews, only a few retailers allow for this. We will allow out clients to submit up to 3 reviews at one time to list on BN.com (Barnes & Noble). BN requires the "Firstname Lastname" of the reviewer, "Where the Review Was Published", and has a 500 character max limit. Other retailers do not have an easy system for providing and maintaining reviews, so we do not offer them. There is no charge for submitting up to 3 reviews to B&N at one time, but edits to reviews and reviews submitted at different times will be subject to the $25 edit fee.

Please send the ISBN of the book and a fair-use excerpt of the review you want entered to titles@bn.com. Please make sure the source of the review is cited in the email. All submissions are subject to verification.

For Amazon, create an Author Central account: https://authorcentral.amazon.com. Once you've created your account, you'll need to add your book to your account under the "Books" tab. Once it's added, click on your book in Author Central. Go to Review, and click ADD.

No... not unless you plan on spending a lot of time in court over it. Have a look at this short article that gives you the basics.


When you submit your order to us, please put in the 'special instructions' field of the order form that you are an international customer, that you'll be applying for an ITIN, and that you'd like us to put a "hold" on your PayPal payments until further notice. That will ensure we do not send you payments withholding the 30% until your paperwork is in place.

To receive the reduction or exemption from tax withholding (if you are from a country that has a tax treaty with the US), you should submit a signed IRS form W8-BEN to us. The completed form must include a U.S. IRS-issued tax identification number - either an ITIN, SSN or EIN. (If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, you can send us a completed W-9 form with your SSN).

Most clients do not have one of the above IRS-issued tax identification numbers, but you can apply for them from the IRS. When you apply for an ITIN or EIN, the IRS requires you also provide a signed letter from us, stating your reason for requesting an ITIN. To obtain the letter from us, you must have at least one sale showing on your eBookIt.com sales report. Once you do, email us at publisher (at) ebookit (dot) com, requesting your letter that you'll need to apply for an ITIN. Please include the name of the individual or organization that we’ll be making payment to (per the PayPal account you’re providing us for payment), and the mailing address.

After you receive the letter, please fill out and file the W-7 form (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw7.pdf ) Instructions on filling it out available here: http://www.irs.gov/instructions/iw7/index.html This is a link to the tax treaty articles (PDF), where you can find your country and cite the article number in the W-7 form: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p901.pdf

If you have questions on the IRS form, process, etc., here's how you can get assistance: http://www.irs.gov/help/article/0,,id=120193,00.html The IRS states it can take up to 6 weeks for them to process your application.

Once you receive your ITIN, you can complete the W8-BEN form (available here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw8ben.pdf ; and instructions here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw8ben.pdf) Important: Your W8-BEN form must include your ITIN.
You can scan or fax (440 445-9300) the W8-BEN to us, or snail mail it to us here:

365 Boston Post Road, #311
Sudbury, MA 01776

Please email us to let us know it's been sent, so we can keep an eye out for it.

Once we receive the form, assuming all is in good order, we'll take your payment status off of "hold", and you'll be able to start receiving your royalties (with the tax treaty benefit applied, if applicable) on the next payment date (including any royalties that had been held while we were awaiting your paperwork.

Yes, as a non-US person, your share of royalties are subject to a 30% tax withholding by the United States IRS (Internal Revenue Service). International clients must provide an ITIN (Individual Tax Payer Number) in order to receive payment. If you don’t have an ITIN, you can apply for one.

The US has tax treaties with several countries that allow residents of those countries to get the 30% tax amount reduced, or in some cases, even eliminated. To receive the tax treaty benefit you’d need to be from one of these countries, have an ITIN, and complete a simple form (W8-BEN) and send it to us.

If you apply for an ITIN, once you receive it, you can complete the W8-BEN and send it to us (scan and email, fax to 440 445-9300; or snail mail). Once we have the signed and completed form, we'd be able to honor the rate of the tax treaty, if there is one.
If your country does not have a tax treaty, please let us know your ITIN once you have it, and we’ll get your profile updated, and ensure you start receiving your share of royalties on the next payment date.

We do not own your book—you do. We do not restrict where you can distribute your book, who you can use to distribute the book, or anything else. The only thing you cannot do, is distribute the book through the same retailers as we are. If you want to set up your own account with select retailers through whom we would normally distribute your book, you will need to opt out of that distribution. Besides that minor point, it is still your book, and your rights.

Ebooks and Paperback
No, only until notice of termination. You, as the copyright holder or publisher for the book, can terminate our publishing/distribution agreement at anytime. At such point, we no longer have the right to distribute your book. Within 72 hours, we will notify the retailers to remove the book from their stores. It could take up to 30 days for all the retailers to comply.

The agreement with Audible is for 7 years. Audible has been flexible with terminating contracts for good reason, however.

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Feel free to write to us with any questions. Better yet, try our SmartChatbot, which you can find at the bottom right corner of this page. We also suggest that your first check our Frequently Asked Questions page.


395 Boston Post Road, Sudbury MA

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* We can guarantee that your book(s) will be submitted to and made available to all these retailers, but it remains at the retailer's discretion which books they choose to carry. Virtually all the retailers, especially the major ones are not selective but some are.