eBookIt.com's Frequently Asked Questions

Audiobook Production

Pricing for audiobooks depends on the services you need. Consider the following examples:

  • You have your audiobook files ready to go (narrated, edited, mastered) and you just need distribution. This would be a one-time fee of $99, plus 15% of the NET royalties earned. So if you make $100 for the month, our share is $15 and your share is $85.
  • You need us to produce your audiobook for you (narrated, edited, mastered) as well as distribute. If we are producing your audiobook, the $99 distribution fee is waived. Our studio rate is $175 per finished hour, and there are roughly 9300 words in a "finished hour." So if your book is 30,000 words, that would be about 3.23 finished hours @ $175 per finished hour or $565.25 total. The actual price will vary based on the pace of the book, i.e., the how many words per hour the narrator actually speaks. Children's books are generally read more slowly. With distribution, our share is 15% of the NET royalties earned.
  • You have your audiobook files almost ready to go (narrated, edited) and you just need distribution and some assistance with getting the files distribution-ready. This would be a one-time fee of $99, plus 15% of the NET royalties earned for the distribution. For the audio mastering, our studio rate is $100 per hour (not per finished hour of audio, just how long it takes us).

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This depends on how long your book is and how soon your chosen narrator can complete the job. When we give you a quote for the audiobook, we will include an estimated time frame. Generally, you can estimate about one week of production per hour of audio. As for going live, Audible and partners advertise about 3 to 4 weeks, however, during the virus the time has been many weeks longer.

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For distribution only, it is just $99, so payment is made up front and the distribution is done usually within hours.

As for narration, we don't ask for any payment until you approve the first 15 minutes. Once you approve the first 15 minutes, 50% of the estimated project fee is due. When we complete project, the balance is due. The balance is then calculated based on the actual length of the audiobook.

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Audible is very strict about the image, so it is best to have the person who designed your ebook/printbook cover also design your audiobook cover image to these specs:

  • Images must be no smaller than 2400 X 2400 pixels in size.
  • The resolution of these images can be no smaller than 72 dpi.
  • Images must be squared. The squared cover must be a true squared cover and cannot be rectangular with colored borders on the side. (ex. CD case cover/jacket)
  • Images should be at least 24-bit.
  • Images cannot refer to physical CDs or media other than the audio presented.
  • Pornographic and offensive materials are not allowed.
  • Image types allowed: JPEG, TIFF, PNG
  • Each image should be labeled as the full title (ex. Book_title.jpg) or ISBN (ex. 1234567890123.jpg)
  • Images must contain both the name of the title and author(s)
  • Images cannot contain any borders. Audible considers borders any kind of "filler" used to make an ebook image into a square.

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Creating audiobook-ready files is not easy, and any deviation from the below requirements will cause the files to be rejected. Audible.com has very strict standards in order to maintain quality.

  • Opening and closing credits audio files. Two separate files are required to begin and end your audiobook.
    Opening Credits:

    [title of audiobook]
    Written by [name of author]
    Narrated by [name of narrator]
    Closing Credits:

    This has been [title of audiobook]
    Written by [name of author]
    Narrated by [name of narrator]
    Copyright [year and name of copyright holder]
    Production copyright [year it was recorded] by [company name]
  • All recordings must be human-voice -- no computer-read books accepted.
  • File type accepted: MP3 (192 kbps or higher)
  • Files must be CBR (constant bit rate) as Audible does not accept VBR (variable bit rate) files.
  • Submitted audiobooks may not contain both mono and stereo files. Stereo files must not be joint-stereo. Mono files are strongly recommended.
  • Each audiobook should be encapsulated in its own folder or directory. The directory should match the full title of the audio.
  • Each file must be comprised of a single chapter, episode, or story (unless otherwise not possible). Note that each file will typically become a “track” that a customer may use for navigation.
  • If the audio has no chapters, please split the audio into segments that are no longer than 2 hours each, but no shorter than 30 minutes each (when possible).
  • Each file should be preceded by a three digit number that denotes the order in which the files should appear. The file names should appear as: 001_title.mp3, 002_title.mp3, 003_title.mp3.
  • Provide a sample file that is named, “title_sample.mp3.” The sample audio must not exceed 5 minutes in duration and it must be longer than one minute. It should start with narration, not opening credits or music, and must not include explicit material. This sample is used by customers to preview your audiobook.
  • “Ripping” audio CDs is strongly discouraged as errors can often produce skipping and other audible glitches in the audio.
  • Each file must be free of extraneous sounds (mouse clicks, mic pops, mouth noises, etc.)
  • Each file must measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS and have -3dB peak values and a maximum -60dB noise floor
  • Each uploaded file must have between 0.5 and 1 second of room tone at the head, and between 1 and 5 seconds of room tone at the tail.

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Depending on number of audiobooks sold/rented and the retailer, your royalty is anywhere from 25-50% of the sales price, and as with our ebook distribution, eBookIt.com's share is just 15% of the net sales (25% for non-exclusive audiobooks sold through the eBookIt.com bookstore). Download our distribution details sheet for full details.

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Client General Questions

The best way is to access the project from the client area and through the message system, let us know you want the book removed. We will send you a confirmation that you must reply to. Then we will remove it.

If you cannot access the client area, just contact us another way and let know your name the book title. We will need a confirmation from the e-mail address we have on file associated with the book.

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When you request your book to be removed, we send you a confirmation e-mail from your account to your e-mail address on file. Once you confirm that e-mail, we submit the removal within 72 hours to all of the retailers. For ebooks, this generally means that the ebook will no longer appear on any website within days. For print books, it takes quite a bit longer.

To remove or "de-list" a print book title (or a previous version of that title) on a retailer or distribution website is a difficult task to accomplish. Distributors purchase and retain copies of a title, and will continue to show availability as long as they carry inventory for that title. In the case of a distributor such as Amazon that allows sellers to set up virtual "stores" on their site, this is nearly impossible. These sellers may have new or used copies of the book and these copies will also show availability through any numbers of "Sellers."

Once a title is depleted, at least at the distributor level, this title should then either be shown as "title unavailable" or if there is a new version, this new version should generate the first "hit" in the title search within that site. However, any used copies for the original version of that title may continue to show as available for purchase.

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OverDrive.com is intended for library end-users who are attempting to locate titles within their local library’s collection. Titles are not displayed on OverDrive.com until they are purchased by a library. As a result, you will not be able to find titles on OverDrive.com immediately after receiving an uploads notification. This is the same for many other library retailers.

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You can

1) Download them and e-mail them to people

2) Offer them for download on your own website

3) Use the ebookit.com bookstore (see https://www.ebookit.com/tools/lp/Bo/eBookIt/12/How-To-Offer-Your-Book-at-a-Discount-or-for-Free )

4) Use your HostingAuthors.com bookstore (see https://www.virversity.com/course/hostingauthors/PS9Gw )

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You must be logged in first. Click on the "CLIENT AREA" link in the main menu and make sure you are logged in. Once logged in, click on the "user profile" button and follow the on-screen instructions to update your information.

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It depends on what link. The link to your book on the eBookIt.com store can be found in your client area under "Bookstore links", or you can just search for your book at https://www.ebookit.com/tools/pd/Bo/eBookIt/ and copy that URL.

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Once we format the document and send you the ebook proofs, you need to let us know if everything looks good as is or if there are changes that need to be made to the document. There are several ways you can do this. Keep in mind that we will do up to 15 minutes of elective changes (changes not as a result of a formatting error) for no charge, then our rate is $49/hour. So we want to be as efficient as possible.

1) If there are relatively few changes, just let us know the page number on the pdf, paragraph, and what the change is. For example, "Page 122, para 4, change "better then" to "better than".

2) If there are a moderate number of changes and you know how to mark up a PDF document, mark up the PDF with the changes highlights and upload the document to the miscellaneous project files under the ebook header or print book header if proofing the print book.

3) If there are many changes (several dozen or more) and you use Microsoft Word or Apple Pages it is usually best to ask us to send you the formatted Word or Pages document. You edit that document and send it back to us when done.

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You will find all of your projects in the Client Area, linked on the main menu.

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Making changes to a published ebook is nothing like making making changes to a printed book, fortunately! However, a little work is still involved.

All changes must be detailed and submitted to us by email, then we must make the changes in the database, the book, and/or book cover, then reconvert, and resubmit.

It is much easier (and cheaper) to send changes than to send us a new version of the book. A new version will be subject to the full new conversion charge, where changes are billed at our hourly rate of $49, in 15 minute increments. The minimum amount charged for a change is $25 as even the smallest change to a description, price, or other metadata takes about 30 minutes.

While we submit your new book or your changes, your old version will still be for sale—there will be no interruptions. Your changes will eventually "kick-in" anywhere from a few hours to 30 days, depending on retailer.

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Your book may be listed on Amazon or one of the other retailers, but that does not mean your book will show up right away in the search. These retailers do not automatically index your book the day they make it available. In fact, it could take quite some time for your book to come up via search.

Maybe it has been "quite a while" and your books is not coming up in when searching either keywords, title, or by author. If you have a common title or author name, this might be the case. The better selling books come up first, even if they are not as good of a match as your book. This is just the way they do it. As for keywords, remember that perhaps tens of thousands of authors are using your same keywords. This is like listing a webpage in Google -- keywords help, but if they are common and not carefully chosen, they are basically useless.

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Ebook Publishing

No. 100% of all of our formatting and conversion is done in-house, using a combination of commercial software, our own custom software, and a lot of manual work to ensure we get as close to perfection as practical.

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We do provide you with an ISBN, if you don't have one, with our ebook distribution service. If you are using your own ISBN, it must be a 13 digit ISBN, and it must be unique for the ebook version (only one ISBN is necessary no matter how many different ebook formats, e.g., .pdf, .epub, .mobi).

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You can opt out of any of the retailers that are in bold the list above (the major retailers) or opt out of all of the retailers that are not in bold. You specify this in the project form.

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The first step in the ebook publishing process is getting your document prepared for ebook conversion. We convert your document to an editable source if necessary, remove page numbers, set margins, rethink the layout for an e-reading device, link the table of contents, and more. This is an important step that determines the overall quality of your ebook. Converting a document into an ebook requires manual editing and formatting to make it function properly and look great. Automated conversions are frequently poorly done and lead to bad reader reviews and poor sales. Our team of local experts will do our best to ensure that doesn't happen to your book.

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The second step in the ebook publishing process is converting your file into the multiple valid ebook formats (.epub, .mobi, and .pdf) accepted by the retailers (if you already have a converted and validated .epub file ready for distribution, you pay a one-time fee of just $45 for the submission and distribution of the file). We check your converted ebook for quality. You can always use an extra set of eyes looking over your book before it is published. While we convert your book, we correct any obvious errors we see along the way. When the files are converted, we open your ebook on ebook reader simulators to ensure the converted files look professional.

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The third step of the ebook publishing process is getting your book out there where readers can easily find it. Through our major online book retailer and library partners and our relationship with Ingram Digital, your ebook will be sold in the online stores that currently account for over 98% of all ebooks sold* (see the question "Who are your retail and library partners?").

* We can guarantee that your book(s) will be submitted to and made available to all these retailers, but it remains at the retailer's discretion which books they choose to carry. Virtually all the retailers, especially the major ones are not selective but some are.

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For ebooks, we can usually have the book ready for your approval within 3 business days. Add a day for distribution, and your book can be available in most major online bookstores within a week. Each retailer has a different timeline for how quickly books tend to become available for sale on their sites after we submit to them:

  • Amazon (Kindle): Expected to be available at http://www.amazon.com within 24-72 hours.
  • iBookstore (iPad/iPhone): Expected to be available within 3-4 weeks (recently, Apple iBookstore has been getting books listed within a few days!)
  • Kobo: Expected to be available at http://www.kobobooks.com within 2-3 weeks.
  • Barnes and Noble (Nook): Expected to be available on http://www.bn.com within 24-72 hours.
  • Baker and Taylor: Expected to be available through their distribution network within 2-3 weeks.
  • Google ebookstore: Expected to be available on https://play.google.com/store/books within 2-3 weeks.
  • Ingram Digital: Expected to be made available to their network of ebook retailers within 1-2 weeks.
  • eBookIt Bookstore: Within an hour.

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The vast majority of ebooks on the market use the standard or what is sometimes referred to as reflowable format. This includes your basic .epub and .mobi files—the two formats that currently dominate the ebook universe. This format gives control to the reader and their device in how they want the text displayed (i.e., background color, font, font size, etc.). It is ideal for most titles that comprise mostly text or even include images where the placement of the image just appear before or after the text (the text is not part of the image). This format is accepted virtually everywhere ebooks are distributed and compatible with virtually all ebook readers. At eBookIt.com, we just need to convert the book one time and from there we export it to .epub, .pdf, and .mobi, which means one inexpensive conversion and your book can be available on virtually every device.

This is an example of a reflowable or standard epub. Notice the standard text that can be resized.

There are some books that simply don't work well or don't work at all in these standard ebook formats. Books where the text is superimposed on the images, books where the text needs to be in multiple columns, books where the text cannot reflow but the size and position must remain constant, and books where the images that need to bleed to the edge and span multiple pages. Some examples of these books may include:

  • Children's books (image heavy)
  • Graphic novels
  • Photo essays (coffee table books)
  • Textbooks with formulas
  • Comic books
  • and other books with similar requirements

Here is an example of a fixed-layout, where the placement of the image will remain the same in comparison to the text, no matter what the device or orientation.

These books look best using a fixed-layout. With a fixed-layout, the author has complete control over how they wants their book to look. These books also use the extensions .epub and .mobi (which is confusing) but will only display on devices that support the fixed layout, which at this time (May 2016), is still quite limited given the total number of devices available. In addition, only some of the major retailers support this format (Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo) whereas the others do not. Unlike the process of creating a standard ebook, the process for creating a fixed-layout is far more complex. This is because the major retailers have their own software to create and compile a fixed-layout ebook (with the exception of a few that do support the standard ePub 3 formats). Very often, the cost of creating a fixed-layout book does not justify the expense (but not always...).

Which format makes more sense for my book?

As mentioned, for the vast majority of books the standard format is ideal. This is a good thing because it is inexpensive to convert and the book has the widest possible distribution and reach. But some authors will have a choice to make: 1) allow for some stylistic adjustments in order to use the standard format, 2) use the fixed-layout, or 3) a combination of both. Which direction you choose is based on many factors including your source files, your specific book/genre, your budget, and more. If you have a book that might work better as fixed layout, discuss these options with your eBookIt.com project manager.

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If you are publisher with fewer than 10 titles, many of the retailers will not work with you directly—they will refer you to someone like (in many case, literally us!).

If you are publisher with fewer than about 50 titles, the learning curve and paperwork needed to establish the relationships with the vendors can be more trouble than it is worth, and take much your valuable time.

If you are a publisher with more than 50 titles, distributing and maintaining many titles with several vendors, can be a full-time job. We have closer relationships with our vendors and very efficient processes in place that allow us to do this in less time.

No matter what size publisher you are, you can certainly benefit from our distribution services.

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It is always best for us to convert from a source file, like .doc, .docx, .pages, .rtf, or even .odt file rather than a .pdf file; however, a .pdf will certainly do if nothing else is available. With a pdf file, there are some things to consider:

  • We might need to charge a bit more. There are NO automatic PDF to source converters that do a decent job. In fact, most conversions require hours of manual fixes. Time is money.
  • PDF conversions will require more careful proof reading. Due to the process of converting a PDF, words may break in odd places, lose capitalization or lose hyphens. Most PDF conversions have very few problems, but some result in many errors based on how the PDF was created. We will let you know if a word for word proofing will be necessary.
  • PDF conversions take a little longer. Normally, we can complete projects within 72 hours. PDF conversions can take a few days longer, plus the proofing process takes a bit longer as well.

We can do an amazing job converting your PDF to all major ebook formats, but just keep these points in mind.

Please, whatever you do, do NOT convert the PDF to a Word doc yourself and send us the Word doc! That is a nightmare for us.

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No. Ebooks are unique in that the font size can be adjusted by the reader, and displayed on many different ebook readers, each with its own screen size. This means that the ebook must be fluid and capable of adjusting on the fly. When we do the prep work for your ebook, we need to do the following:

  • Get rid of columns
  • Turn your tables, charts into images
  • Change your table of contents to no longer reference page numbers
  • Exclude any index you might have
  • Change all floating images to inline images, which might change the way they are displayed.
  • Remove all background images / paper styles
  • Remove all headers/footers
  • Remove all footnotes or move footnotes to the back of the book
  • Standardize the fonts
  • Remove all page numbers

Your file will not look exactly the same, but we will do the best we can to keep the original look and feel while making a properly formatted ebook. If you need your ebook to look just like the PDF, we can do a fixed-layout ebook.

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This information is accurate as of December 15, 2018. Although some retailers take more than others, it is strongly suggested that you do not opt out of any retailer because of their take. For example, Amazon takes a whopping 65% for books priced OVER $9.99 and less than $2.99 (otherwise they give a generous 70%!), but they have the best distribution.

  • iBookstore (Apple): 30%
  • Amazon: 30% or 65%. 30% is the RETAILER'S SHARE if your book's retail price is between $2.99 - $9.99. For retail price below $2.99 or over $9.99, RETAILER'S SHARE is 65%.*
  • Barnes & Noble: 35% or 60%. For ebooks with a retail price at or between $2.99 and $9.99, 35% is B&N's share.
    For eBooks with a retail price at or below $2.98 or at or greater than $10.00, 60% is B&N's share.
  • Kobo: 45%. This varies slightly based on country/currency in which the book is sold.
  • Google: 48.05%. Retailer's approximate share.
  • eBookIt.com: 25%. For any priced book. The best place to send potential readers of your book
  • Baker and Taylor: 55%. For books sold. B&T also rents books and has a varying payment schedule for rentals.
  • All Others: 55%.

eBookIt.com keeps 15% of the NET profit from the books. So for example, let's say your book sells for $9.99 at Amazon, and qualifies for the 70% royalty. Amazon would pay eBookIt.com $6.99; eBookIt.com retains $1.05, and pays the author $5.94.

If you sell the same book through the sales page for your book at eBookIt.com, you get to keep $7.49, as eBookit.com pays the author 75% (and we don't take 15% on top of that).

Royalties on print books through Lightning Source vary greatly based on may factors such as price, number of pages, size, etc. eBookIt.com keeps 15% like with all other retailers, but LS keeps an extra 5% for distribution charge. This used to be paid for by a yearly $15 charge invoiced to print book clients, which is no longer necessary.

* Amazon Update: If you submit your book to us with a retail price between $2.99-$9.99, we will submit to Amazon with the 70% royalty option. If you request a suggested retail price book of less than $2.99, or over $9.99, we'll select the 35% royalty option. Amazon's policies regarding the different royalty options, and the royalties they will pay in certain situations, are complex. For full details, please see their Sales & Reporting and Royalties FAQ.

Note also that Amazon adds a small "delivery" fee to books receiving the 70% royalty based on the file size. (See the second column of "Section C" on this chart details).

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Each retailer has a different policy. Our retail partner's policies are as follows (all prices in USD - this is accurate as of August 2010):

Google: min: .99 max: none
iBookstore: min: .99 max: 39.99
Amazon: min: .99 max: none
Barnes and Noble: min: .99 max: 199.00
Kobo: min: .99 max: 12.99
Ingram Digital: min: .99 max: none

* eBookIt.com now offers an option for distribution of free ebooks. We will make your book free for all the retailer's that accept free books and for those that don't the book will be priced at .99. Books priced unreasonably high will be questioned by us and my be rejected.

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Recall that the epub format is reflowable and adjustable by the reader. So if they want the font bigger, they make it bigger. If they want to read the book on their mobile device, then the book might look radically different. This open poses a problem from poetry where the formatting of each line matters.

We follow the standard recommendation when formatting poetry, which is indenting the line if it wraps on smaller devices. Keep in mind that most people don't read books on small mobile devices, so this only applies to a handful of readers. See the examples below.

Here is a page of poetry as it looks on a regular epub reader:

Here is what it looks like on a mobile device or if the font is enlarged:

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If you are a non-US individual, we will need a W-8BEN. (If you are not an individual, but an organization, you'd need to complete the W-8BEN-E). And yes, there is now an option to provide your "foreign tax id" on the form (tax number issued by your government) instead of an ITIN / EIN. If you have any other questions about the form or your specific situation, or if you'd like a copy of the form and instructions, feel free to email us publishing at ebookit dot com. 

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YES! Just opt out of the retailer(s) your book has already been distributed with so we don't send a duplicate.

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For the most part, there is no difference. Either way, you still own your content, there are no exclusivity rights, and we still just keep 15% of the NET amount paid to you by the retailer. The differences are:

  • Those who use eBookit.com as their "distributor" already have unique ISBN numbers for their .epub files, so we do not provide them.
  • When listed with the retailers, you/your publisher is listed as the publisher, not eBookIt.com.

Since the cost of obtaining your own ISBN numbers is currently over $100, it makes little sense to do buy the ISBN's yourself and choose to be your own publisher if you have just one or two books.

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The simplest and cheapest solution is to provide a hyperlink to the video hosted somewhere on the web (such as YouTube) instead of actually embedding the video. This is because you want the ebook to have maximum exposure, and you don't want the book to be rejected from top retailers because of the interactive components.

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Yes, you can use your own publishing company as the publisher / imprint. In order to do that, you'd need to provide a ISBN. (Must be a unique ISBN, registered specifically to the ePub edition of the book that you're distributing through us). You can list the publisher name in the General Book Information section of the project page, and list the ISBN (number only, no dashes) in the Ebook Information section.

If your question pertains to a print book, it's the same situation, except the ISBN should be specific to the print edition, and should be listed in the corresponding print (hardcover or paperback) section of the project page. 

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  • Amazon: mobi,kpf (fixed-layout)
  • Apple/iTunes: epub, fixed-layout epub
  • Barnes and Noble: epub (must be less than 20 megs)
  • Ingram: epub, pdf (many vendors accept fixed-layout epub)
  • Kobo: epub, fixed-layout epub, pdf (files limited to 100 megs)
  • Google Play: epub, fixed-layout epub, pdf
  • Scribd: epub, fixed-layout epub, pdf
  • EbookIt.com Bookstore: epub, fixed-layout epub, mobi,kpf (fixed-layout), pdf

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In order to provide a better customer buying experience, our policy is to not publish undifferentiated versions of public domain titles where a free version is available in our store. We consider works to be differentiated when one or more of the following criteria are met: • (Translated) - A unique translation • (Annotated) - Contains annotations (unique, hand-crafted additional content including study guides, literary critiques, detailed biographies, or detailed historical context) • (Illustrated) - Includes 10 or more unique illustrations relevant to the book. Books that meet this criteria must include (Translated), (Annotated), or (Illustrated) in the title field. While it's possible that other features may make books unique, we consider only public domain titles with the criteria noted above to be differentiated. Examples of some features we do not consider to be differentiated include a linked table of contents, formatting improvements, collections, sales rank, price, and freely available Internet content. 

Please also be aware that Amazon does not offer the 70% royalty option on public domain ebooks. (The 35% royalty would apply instead).

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Each retailer is different. Here is a list of our major retailers and what languages they accept:

  • Amazon: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
  • iBookstore: English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish
  • Barnes & Noble: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Latin, and Dutch
    Kobo: English
  • Lightning Source: virtually all languages

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  • 1659px or wider (1400px minimum)
  • 2500px or taller (2000px minimum)
  • RGB 24 bit color
  • 144 dpi/lpi

If the cover is a little smaller, we will enlarge it so it meets the minimum requirements of the retailers. If it is too small, we will either request a larger one or suggest that we create a new one for you.

Also, some programs allow you to adjust the quality of the JPG when saving. Quality should be 90% or higher—otherwise it will not look good enough.

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If you have a book where each page is one big image, with text on the image (popular format for children's books), you have a couple choices.

Choice 1: Make your book ebook friendly.

An "ebook friendly" book is one where the text is separate from the images. The reader chooses how they want to view the text -- the background color, font, and font-size. Your images are then modified to be placed before or after the text. This format will work on all devices. The downside is it will not look exactly like your printed book -- the reader will not get the same experience (different does not necessarily equal worse).

Choice 2: Keep your book all images.

If you feel that the text and images as they are, are vital to your reader's experience, then we can make each page of your ebook one big image. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

  • The text might be unreadable on small, mobile devices -- if the text is small relative to the images
  • An image book will not be as impressive on black and white e-ink readers like the Kindle
  • There will be no chapter linking for .epub version (Kindle will have chapter linking)

Again, we can convert the books either way, but we just want you to carefully consider your options and the possible consequences.

If you choose to go with choice 2, we would need a PDF of your book.

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From Wikipedia:

Digital rights management (DRM) is a term for access control technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals to limit the use of digital content and devices. The term is used to describe any technology that inhibits uses of digital content that is not desired or intended by the content provider.

In terms of ebooks, DRM will deter people from sharing your books with others who did not pay for it.

Choosing it or not a personal preference. Some people are very opposed to the whole DRM idea, and for political reasons they choose to not use DRM, and some buyers will not BUY books using DRM. Others don't mind if their books are shared and passed around—it actually might result in more sales. But some believe illegal sharing will result in fewer sales.

In the end, it's up to you. And it probably really doesn't matter all that much.

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Technically, you don't need any. But we will assign one to your book mostly for accounting and internal purposes. It is best just to use ONE ISBN for all your ebook formats (.pdf, .epub, .mobi).

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We do all we can to keep the books at the default price point. But here are some indicators that your book might require extra processing:
Editable Source: .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf, or .pages files

  • If your book is over 500 pages
  • If your book has more than 50 textboxes
  • If your book has more than 25 tables or graphs that are not images
  • If your book has many foreign characters that will need to be converted into images
  • If your book is multi-column
  • If your book has many callouts

PDF Source

  • If your book is over 500 pages
  • If your book is over 300 pages and mostly dialog
  • If your book has many foreign characters that will need to be converted into images
  • If your book is multi-column
  • If your book has many footnotes
  • If your book is too large (complexity-wise) to export, and must be broken in sections
  • If your book has many callouts
  • If your PDF uses ligatures (e.g., sees "ff" one character, therefore exports as one character)

Example of a nightmare PDF:

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Yes we do! Once you approve the proof, we will convert your ebook to .epub, .mobi, and .pdf. You will then be able to download these files in the client area.

Please note that we do not add any kind of DRM to the files during conversion -- this is added (if desired) during the submission process to retailers.

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Yes we do!

If your epub is valid and passes the standard epub check at https://www.ebookit.com/tools/bp/Bo/eBookIt/epub-validator, then we can distribute your epub to Ingram, Google, iBookstore, Baker and Taylor, Barnes and Noble, eBookIt.com bookstore and Kobo, plus create a .mobi for distribution with Amazon.

  • Important Information
    You must include a cover image that has the title and author name, at least 1400px wide by 2000px tall (or more). We cannot offer cover creation with this option. The cover must be compiled in the epub file itself no larger than 3 million pixels (multiply width and height).
  • We can provide you with an ISBN if you do not have one, only if you are using our distribution services to at least three retailers. It is not necessary to edit the ePub to insert the ISBN. However, if you wish to have it added to your ePub file, you must do that on your own or we can do it for a fee.
  • We cannot guarantee the quality of the mobi conversion, since we did not create the epub.
  • No PDF version is created or distributed.
  • The standard 15% of net sales royalty share applies.

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At eBookIt.com, we do it all for you. The purpose of our business is to make this process as easy as possible. With that said, there are several things you can check to make sure your conversion comes out the way you want it to, as well as save you money. Do read over these FAQs -- you may want to make some changes before submitting your book.

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YES! We provide you with the .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files. If you have your own method to distribute these files and collect payment, you don't need our permission nor do you need to give us anything—you sell them, you keep 100%.

If you don't have the technology (or the patience!) to deal with selling downloads, just link to your eBookIt.com sales page, and keep 75% of the sales revenue.

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Ebook Publishing - Existing Clients

Just let us know and we will add the service for you and send you the invoice for the services. We need to know the following:

  1. The book title
  2. If you need us to create the print-ready cover, interior, or both
  3. If you want paperback, hardcover, or both

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Note that you can only do this once your ebook conversion has been completed and the ebook files have been uploaded.


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Definitely less than the printed version (if there is one). Besides that, there is no definite answer to this. I suggest searching Amazon.com for ebooks that you would consider "competitors" to yours. Identify those of similar size (number of pages), and price your ebook competitively with theirs.

As a rule of thumb, $2.99 - 9.99 is an ideal price for most ebooks.

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You request this in your project page. Here are the steps.


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We do our best in the formatting process to catch and correct any obvious errors or notify you of ones that we are unsure about. However, formatting is neither proofing nor editing; it is simply converting your document into a form that is ready to made into an ebook. Here are our notes we include in the message when send you your ebook proof:


1) We are happy to offer up to 15 minutes complimentary (no charge) to make elective changes (such as fixing typos or other errors present in the original files provided to us). For elective changes over 15 minutes, the $49/hr rate will apply.

2) Please do your best to make note of all the changes in the first round of edits. Each round of edits requires about 15 minutes of administration time which includes creating the pdf, epub, and mobi proofs. Unless the changes directly apply to the first round of edits, 15 minutes will be added to the elective changes.

3) Any changes made to the document after the initial proof is approved, will be subject to a modification fee. Reconversion and resubmission will be necessary. So please make sure you proof carefully and do not approve it until you are confident it is ready.

--- end ---

What we are basically saying is that if you catch errors from your original document and have us do the editing, we are happy to do this for you. The first 15 minutes there will be no charge but any changes that take longer than 15 minutes we start billing at our $49/hr fee or 100/hr for design fee (for covers/images). We are happy to go back and fourth as many times as needed and if the errors are ones we did not correct in previous requests we will correct them for no charge. However, if you do want us to make changes that you didn't catch before, we do change the editing rate for this at a minimum of 15 minutes per change.

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There are two ways to do this.

1) Simply link to your eBookIt.com sales page URL. This is as easy as setting up a link on your webpage to go to your eBookIt.com webpage. For example:

Wanna buy my book? Click here!

2) Download your converted files and sell them on your website using some kind of e-commerce software capable of providing electronic downloads. If you don't understand this, then you should stick with #1—or ask your webmaster about this option.

3) Use HostingAuthors.com's bookstore feature.

All converted files can be downloaded in the client area when you click on your book title—after the conversions have been completed, of course.

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The promo ID is a way to track where sales of your book at eBookIt.com are originating from.

E.g., if you post about your book for sale on Facebook, you can use the following URL: http://[YourBookURL]?facebook

If you send an email to friends and family, you could use this URL: http://[YourBookURL]?FriendsFamily

If you pay for an ad in a magazine, you could use this: http://[YourBookURL]?magazine

All of these URLs are the same, except there's "?something" at the end of each. That is the promo ID. You can add whatever you want after the question mark (letters and numbers only) as the promo ID. Now here's the key to it:

When a sale comes as a result of someone clicking through your link with a promo ID, you will see on your sales report the corresponding ID, so you'll know the source of the sale. 

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It can't. Google displays 20% of the book, and they do it by displaying the first 20% of each chapter. If you try to actually read your book all the way through, you will see this.

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New Client General Questions

We pay our clients via PayPal on the 15th day* of each month. We do offer the option to pay by check; however, minimums apply and there is a fee associated with the check.

With PayPal and there is no minimum. If we owe you 30 cents, we pay you 30 cents.

If for whatever reason you cannot/will not accept PayPal, we can pay you by paper check except a) we hold all payments until the payment exceeds $100 (USD) and b) there is a $5 paper check processing fee for each payment made. We can only send checks to US addresses.

If you are an international client and cannot accept PayPal or check, and you need the funds to be wired, a) we hold all payments until the payment exceeds $100 (USD) and b) there is a $50 wire processing fee for each payment made, and c) we can wire no more than 4 times per year.

If you are based in the US and would like the check or wire option, or outside the US and would like the wire option, please let us know and we'll put your payments on HOLD. Then, after $100 USD has accumulated, you must send an e-mail to publishing at eBookIt.com with your eBookIt.com e-mail address, the amount we owe you, and your physical address to mail the check (or routing and bank information if a wire). The fee will be deducted from the payment.

eBookIt acts as the aggregator for several retailers, which means, the retailers pay us, and we pay our clients. The retailers take up to 210 days to pay us for books sold, with the average being 90 days from the time the book is sold to the time we get paid. For example, if a ebook sells on Amazon in January, we (eBookIt.com) will get paid for that ebook in April. Retailers such as Google pay sooner, and retailers such as Baker&Taylor pay much later.

At eBookIt.com, we pay our clients monthly. As a service to our clients, we cut the average wait time for payment down to an average of 60 days after the ebook has been sold, whether we have been paid by the resellers or not. For example,

ebook sold Jan 1: You get paid March 15*
ebook sold Jan 31:  You get paid March 15*
ebook sold Feb 1: You get paid April 15*
ebook sold Feb 28: You get paid April 15*

* If the 15th falls on a weekend, it is the next business day.

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We don't offer one service; we offer many services, so depending on the services you purchase the cost will vary. Use our interactive pricing tool to get an estimate of the total cost based on your selected services.

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Yes! We have many "small presses" as clients.

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Generally all kinds of books that you would expect to find on sites like Amazon.com. We are not a traditional publisher that picks and chooses which books we want to work with; we offer self-publishing services. This means that you don't have to "sell" us on your book (save the selling for readers).

Here are the restrictions on books we DON'T accept:

Please be aware that the following content is unacceptable and submitting or posting said content in your eBook file, cover image, or book description could result in termination of your account:

Pornography: Hard-core material that depicts graphic or explicit sexual acts.

Libelous Material: Material that intentionally harms or has the potential to harm an individual or a third party.

Copyright Infringing: Material to which you do not own the copyright or the right to distribute. Public domain content may be posted. Our retailers may, at any time, request validation that a given ebook qualifies as a public domain title.

Advertisements: Material contained within your eBook that primarily seeks to sell a product other than the eBook itself.

Web Material: Books exclusively created from repackaged, publicly available information not created by the author.

Poor Quality Books: We have an obligation to our distribution partners to submit only books that meet a certain level of quality. eBookIt.com reserves the right to reject any title based on this subjective quality criteria. 

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We converted our first book in October of 2010, and opened our virtual doors to the public on January 1, 2011. Our parent company, Archieboy Holdings, LLC., has been in business since 2002.

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No matter how many times you may proof your own writing, there will be errors that you miss. Let us help with that.

This is light copy editing / heavy proofreading and includes: grammatical sense; punctuation; consistency (e.g. hyphenation, spelling, capitalization, italicization, number treatment); spelling and syntax; consistent tone; point of view, and style; proper presentation of cited published works, public buildings, titles and ranks, time and date styles, numbers, and abbreviations and contractions; basic formatting cleanup and consistency; and chapters numbered and ordered chronologically.

This service is $14 per 1000 words. This is an optional service that can be ordered at any time. It's best if ordered prior to the conversion and distribution. Ask your project manager about adding this service or add it when beginning your project.

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Some retailer websites allow for reader reviews, "professional" reviews, and author-provided reviews. The reader reviews are done by readers of your book and members of the retailer's website, and you/we have no control over these. The professional reviews are provided by organizations like Kirkus reviews, USA Today, NY Times, and other organizations that choose select books to review (see our MediaBlast package for a chance at getting one of these kind of reviews). These professional reviewers work directly with the retailers to provide reviews, so there, to, is nothing you/we can do.

As for author-provided reviews, only a few retailers allow for this. We will allow out clients to submit up to 3 reviews at one time to list on BN.com (Barnes & Noble). BN requires the "Firstname Lastname" of the reviewer, "Where the Review Was Published", and has a 500 character max limit. Other retailers do not have an easy system for providing and maintaining reviews, so we do not offer them. There is no charge for submitting up to 3 reviews to B&N at one time, but edits to reviews and reviews submitted at different times will be subject to the $25 edit fee.

Please send the ISBN of the book and a fair-use excerpt of the review you want entered to titles@bn.com. Please make sure the source of the review is cited in the email. All submissions are subject to verification.

For Amazon, create an Author Central account: https://authorcentral.amazon.com. Once you've created your account, you'll need to add your book to your account under the "Books" tab. Once it's added, click on your book in Author Central. Go to Review, and click ADD.

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No... not unless you plan on spending a lot of time in court over it. Have a look at this short article that gives you the basics.


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When you submit your order to us, please put in the 'special instructions' field of the order form that you are an international customer, that you'll be applying for an ITIN, and that you'd like us to put a "hold" on your PayPal payments until further notice. That will ensure we do not send you payments withholding the 30% until your paperwork is in place.

To receive the reduction or exemption from tax withholding (if you are from a country that has a tax treaty with the US), you should submit a signed IRS form W8-BEN to us. The completed form must include a U.S. IRS-issued tax identification number - either an ITIN, SSN or EIN. (If you are a U.S. citizen living abroad, you can send us a completed W-9 form with your SSN).

Most clients do not have one of the above IRS-issued tax identification numbers, but you can apply for them from the IRS. When you apply for an ITIN or EIN, the IRS requires you also provide a signed letter from us, stating your reason for requesting an ITIN. To obtain the letter from us, you must have at least one sale showing on your eBookIt.com sales report. Once you do, email us at publisher (at) ebookit (dot) com, requesting your letter that you'll need to apply for an ITIN. Please include the name of the individual or organization that we’ll be making payment to (per the PayPal account you’re providing us for payment), and the mailing address.

After you receive the letter, please fill out and file the W-7 form (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw7.pdf ) Instructions on filling it out available here: http://www.irs.gov/instructions/iw7/index.html This is a link to the tax treaty articles (PDF), where you can find your country and cite the article number in the W-7 form: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p901.pdf

If you have questions on the IRS form, process, etc., here's how you can get assistance: http://www.irs.gov/help/article/0,,id=120193,00.html The IRS states it can take up to 6 weeks for them to process your application.

Once you receive your ITIN, you can complete the W8-BEN form (available here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw8ben.pdf ; and instructions here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw8ben.pdf) Important: Your W8-BEN form must include your ITIN.
You can scan or fax (440 445-9300) the W8-BEN to us, or snail mail it to us here:

365 Boston Post Road, #311
Sudbury, MA 01776

Please email us to let us know it's been sent, so we can keep an eye out for it.

Once we receive the form, assuming all is in good order, we'll take your payment status off of "hold", and you'll be able to start receiving your royalties (with the tax treaty benefit applied, if applicable) on the next payment date (including any royalties that had been held while we were awaiting your paperwork.

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Yes, as a non-US person, your share of royalties are subject to a 30% tax withholding by the United States IRS (Internal Revenue Service). International clients must provide an ITIN (Individual Tax Payer Number) in order to receive payment. If you don’t have an ITIN, you can apply for one.

The US has tax treaties with several countries that allow residents of those countries to get the 30% tax amount reduced, or in some cases, even eliminated. To receive the tax treaty benefit you’d need to be from one of these countries, have an ITIN, and complete a simple form (W8-BEN) and send it to us.

If you apply for an ITIN, once you receive it, you can complete the W8-BEN and send it to us (scan and email, fax to 440 445-9300; or snail mail). Once we have the signed and completed form, we'd be able to honor the rate of the tax treaty, if there is one.
If your country does not have a tax treaty, please let us know your ITIN once you have it, and we’ll get your profile updated, and ensure you start receiving your share of royalties on the next payment date.

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We do not own your book—you do. We do not restrict where you can distribute your book, who you can use to distribute the book, or anything else. The only thing you cannot do, is distribute the book through the same retailers as we are. If you want to set up your own account with select retailers through whom we would normally distribute your book, you will need to opt out of that distribution. Besides that minor point, it is still your book, and your rights.

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Ebooks and Paperback
No, only until notice of termination. You, as the copyright holder or publisher for the book, can terminate our publishing/distribution agreement at anytime. At such point, we no longer have the right to distribute your book. Within 72 hours, we will notify the retailers to remove the book from their stores. It could take up to 30 days for all the retailers to comply.

The agreement with Audible is for 7 years. Audible has been flexible with terminating contracts for good reason, however.

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Print Book Publishing

Print on demand is your our book, in paperback or hardcover (case laminate or cloth with jacket) format, black and white or in color, printed as needed.  What is great about print on demand, is that you, as the author, can do short-run book printing and have 1 or more copies printed and shipped to your home, to sell or give away as needed. This is unlike going through book printers who require hundreds of books minimum. The major online retailers—Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble will sell the printed version of your book, and the major distributor, Lightning Source, will make your book available to virtually every bookstore in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, both online and brick and mortar. Or, you can simply get books printed for your own distribution.

The best part—besides the low production costs, is that there are no storage fees, nor any need to invest huge sums of money into large quantities of books. Book printing via print on-demand is a very inexpensive option thanks to technology in printing books.

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Most of the time, a hardcover book is made in addition to the paperback book. Once the paperback book is created, most of the work is done for the hardcover book. There is just an additional distribution fee of $145, and if we need to create flaps for a jacket on a hardcover, there is an additional $95 fee. If we are just creating your hardcover book and no paperback, the total cost (assuming a jacket with flaps) would be $680.

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You can find our interactive pricing at the bottom of https://www.ebookit.com/tools/lp/Bo/eBookIt/24/Print-Book-Distribution-and-Book-Printing-Services

To get accurate prices for printing, you need to know (or estimate):

  • the book dimensions
  • the number of pages
  • the color paper (white or creme)
  • if the book interior is black and white or color
  • if you are getting prices from Amazon or Lightning Source

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Assuming you respond to edits and proof approvals in a timely fashion, we can have your interior formatted, cover designed, and book distributed within two weeks. Add a week or two before the book is available globally.

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Yes. The way the POD printer works, the B&W and Color options are "all or nothing", meaning, if there's a single color page on the interior that you want printed in color, you'd need to have the book set-up as a color interior (either standard or premium). 

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At this time, our printer only provides portrait-oriented and square book options. We hope at some point in the future that we'll be able to offer landscape-format books. 

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Print Book Publishing - Existing Clients


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Sales Reporting / Royalties

"lsource" is one of our retailers that distributes your books to our many library partners. Libraries "rent" books so readers are charged a different rate (often by number of pages read). Your books are not being sold, but the retailer is acting like a broker in this case, like a real estate agent who rents your property on your behalf.

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Assuming friends never lie, this is most likely due to the fact that our sales reports are not real-time. For example, if your friend bought your book on Amazon in March, then you would not see this until the last day of April when the sales reports for March are updated.

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For non-US clients, we need to withhold and pay taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) here in the US on a monthly basis. The US has tax treaties with some countries that allow you to have this tax reduced or even eliminated. Whether or not there is a tax treaty with your country and the US, we need to have a W-8BEN on file in order to pay international clients.

If you see a notice like the one in the original post, then you will receive a message from us with more details. Feel free also to email us at publishing at ebookit dot com if you see such a notice, but haven't received a message from us yet. 

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Please note that payments made with a credit card or payment card and certain other types of payment, including third party network transactions, must now be reported on Form 1099-K by the payment settlement entity (PSE) and are not reported on Form 1099-MISC. As such, payments you received from us exclusively through PayPal in 2015 will not be reported on a Form 1099-MISC by Archieboy Holdings LLC (our parent company). Depending on the amount and number of payments you received from PayPal, you may receive a Form 1099-K directly from them.

You are welcome to download your sales reports from eBookIt.com (Client Area > Sales Reports) to assist in determining the income you may have received from us. You'll want to reconcile the statement we provide to what was actually received in your PayPal account (e.g., some authors did not have a PayPal account set-up, and when we attempted to pay them through PayPal, they did not respond to the message from PayPal encouraging them to claim the funds). Our sales reports do not currently show the method of payment (which would be PayPal, unless otherwise arranged), or if the payment was received/settled. It is my understanding that even if you do not receive a 1099 or similar, you are still required to report and pay tax on any income received. I suggest checking with your accountant or qualified tax professional for guidance regarding your reporting requirements. 

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We update all reports by the last day of the month. For these updates, we use the final reports submitted by the retailers, so no adjustments are necessary.

As always, any sales made through eBookIt.com's bookstore will be updated hourly. 

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If your book is sold at the 70% royalty rate, Amazon will add a "delivery fee". This is a small fee that only applies to Amazon. This fee varies based on the file size of the Kindle ebook. (See the second column of "Section C" on this chart for details).

If you submit your book to us with a retail price between $2.99-$9.99, we will submit to Amazon with the 70% royalty option. If you request a suggested retail price book of less than $2.99, or over $9.99, we'll select the 35% royalty option.

For books we submit to Amazon priced lower than $2.99 or over $9.99, Amazon pays 35% of the list price for each unit sold. For books between $2.99 - $9.99 for which we would select the 70% royalty option), Amazon pays eBookIt.com a royalty of 70% of the list price (but if Amazon sell at a lower price to match a competitor’s price for a digital or physical edition of the book, or Amazon's price for a physical edition of the book, they will pay 70% of their sale price) for each eligible book sold to U.S. customers, net delivery costs, and 35% of the list price for each unit sold to customers residing outside the 70% territories (as of publishing of this FAQ, the 70% territories include Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom [including Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man], United States, Vatican City).

Amazon's policies regarding the different royalty options, and the royalties they will pay in certain situations, are complex. For full details, please see their Sales & Reporting and Royalties FAQ.

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You can download the following PDF from the IRS. This information should be located on pages 35 and 37.

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There is a certain element of trust required in the ebook business. Unlike paperback book where each one has a real, physical cost, and the number of books is limited, ebooks have no incremental cost and there is no physical limit to the number you can sell. This is a challenge for tracking.

Here's where the "trust" comes in.

First, you need to trust that eBookIt.com is keeping good track of your sales, and accurately reporting them to you. You could buy one of your own books somewhere, and see if we report it as a sale or not. But this could get expensive. Some of our authors do it -- not because they don't trust us (maybe), but because they want to have the reader experience of buying their book.

But if you are not the trusting type...

You can request a report of your sales from any retailer by stating that you are the author. They may ask for some more details, but they should give you what you request (depending on the retailer). You can then compare what they give you to what is reported in the sales area.

eBookIt.com has been around since 2010, our parent company, Archieboy Holdings, LLC., has been around since 2001. Our founder, Bo Bennett has been around even longer—he is a very public figure and stakes his reputation on this business (Google him!).

We at eBookIt.com need to extend that same level of trust to the major retailers we work with to distribute your books. These are Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books, Google, Baker & Taylor, Audible.com, and Ingram Digital.

We do not trust your ebook to any other retailers. Ingram Digital maintains control of your file when working with the many smaller retailers.

The bottom line -- your ebook is in good hands with us.

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We pay via PayPal and there is no minimum. If we owe you 30 cents, we pay you 30 cents.

If for whatever reason you cannot/will not accept PayPal, we can pay you by paper check except a) we hold all payments until the payment exceeds $100 (USD) and b) there is a $5 paper check processing fee for each payment made. We can only send checks to US addresses.

If you would like this option, please let us know, and we'll set the payment preference in the account accordingly. Then, after at least $100 USD has accumulated, send an e-mail to publishing@eBookIt.com with your eBookIt.com e-mail address, the amount we owe you, and your physical address to mail the check. The $5 will be deducted from the check.

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eBookIt Bookstore

1) Click on the download link for the .m4b file in the email receipt

2) Click "download"

3) Open up the audiobook in your "Files" app on your iPhone. If you don't know where that is, swipe left to search for it:

4) It will be the first icon. Click on it.


5) Click play!

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Upon completion of your order(s), we emailed a receipt that includes download links. The file type you want to download for your Kindle is the .Mobi.

If you have a USB cable that can connect your Kindle to your computer (note, the new Kindle Fire doesn't come w/ a cable unless you specifically order it), use that to connect. Through your computer, navigate to the "documents" folder on your Kindle (for the Kindle Fire, navigate to the "Books" folder). Copy the .MOBI file to the "documents" folder (or "Books" folder for Kindle fire). Safely disconnect your Kindle from your computer. Your Kindle device will refresh, and the ebook will be listed in your library.

If you don't have a USB to connect your Kindle, then send an email to your Kindle email address w/ the MOBI file attached. If you login to your Amazon.com account, you can go to Manage Your Kindle > Your Kindle Account > Personal Document Settings > Approved Personal Document E-mail List , and set-up approved email accounts from which you can email documents to your Kindle device. Should you require further guidance, I suggest referring to Amazon's online support.

Finally, if you don't have a Kindle device, you can download a free Kindle app for your Mac or PC that you can use to view this file.

I hope this helps! 

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The first step is to save the .MOBI file to your computer. (I've attached it to this email for your convenience).

Then, to add a MOBI file to your Kindle app for Android, follow these steps:

1. Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable (there are many different ways to connect your Android device (e.g., FTP, file-sharing app), which accomplish the same thing as connecting your device via USB cable)
2. If prompted, choose the option to "Mount as disk drive" on your Android device
3. Navigate to the sdcard directory on your Android device--which should now show up as a disk drive on your computer--if it doesn't mount to that directory automatically
4. Copy your MOBI file to the kindle directory located on the SD card of your Android device
5. Disconnect your Android device from your computer
6. Launch the Kindle app on your Android device

Finally, if you don't have a Kindle device, you can download a free Kindle app for your Mac or PC that you can use to view this file:


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The first step (as you've done) is to download the MOBI file you purchased onto your computer.

If you have a USB cable that can connect your Kindle to your computer (note, the new Kindle Fire doesn't come w/ a cable unless you specifically order it), use that to connect. Through your computer, navigate to the "documents" folder on your Kindle (for the Kindle Fire, navigate to the "Books" folder). Copy the .MOBI file to the "documents" folder (or "Books" folder for Kindle fire). Safely disconnect your Kindle from your computer. Your Kindle device will refresh, and the ebook will be listed in your library.

If you don't have a USB to connect your Kindle, then send an email to your Kindle email address w/ the MOBI file attached. If you login to your Amazon.com account, you can go to Manage Your Kindle > Your Kindle Account > Personal Document Settings > Approved Personal Document E-mail List , and set-up approved email accounts from which you can email documents to your Kindle device. Should you require further guidance, I suggest referring to Amazon's online support.

Finally, if you don't have a Kindle device, you can download a free Kindle app for your Mac or PC that you can use to view this file on your computer:


direct link to this faq


direct link to this faq

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